The 11 Survival Essentials

While there are a plethora of survival necessity lists, very rarely are we given the root reasons Why particular things are necessary - and here is a concise summary. Taking the items listed after the colon, the reader will have an effective toolkit and skillset list of what is necessary to survive in dire circumstances - furthermore they have bullet points from which choose a particular course of survival study - hell, maintaining a positive attitude under extreme duress can be a lifelong study!

(number 11 is something our present society does not seem to value, and I for one have difficulties managing on a daily basis. /dn)

1) A positive attitude
2) Fuel to burn: Food
3) Adequate hydration: Water
4) Ability to stay warm and dry: Clothing
5) Ability to get dry: Shelter
6) Ability to get warm: Fire
7) Know where you are going: Navigation
8) Know the environment: Weather
9) Ability to attract help: Signaling for rescue
10) Ability to provide help: First-Aid kit (and TRAINING on how to use it! )
11) Ability to obtain physiological and psychological repair: Adequate sleep

Taken from "98.6 Degrees The Art of keeping your asss alive!" by Cody Lundin