How Much Is Enough?

"When I am asked what a human-being should devote the majority of his time to, I respond with the word 'training.' You should train more than you sleep."
- Masutatsu Oyama


/dn said...

Here's an interesting exercise - how much training can you integrate into your lifestyle? most people work jobs, and live normal lives which prevent us from "training" in the western sense >6-8 hours a day. That many hours of dedicated time is just not likely.

What's the solution? Life is training.

I find that while standing in line - I can practice my footwork and balance. I can visualize a drawstroke, I can "feel" my firearm presentation and do mental wargames and play out scenarious in my mind for any different situation. Just having given presence of mind to what COULD happen gives one the advantage over others who have not mentally prepared themselves for various situations.

Who do I have to get past? Who do I have to move? Where can I grab cover? What are potential targets etc etc.

Here's another example: sitting doing computer work, I can practice controlled breathing techniques.

Practicing dryfire techniques while rotting on conference calls etc.

Integrating the notion of life is training into one's lifestyle can assist a practitioner to maintain one's skilllset as well as potentially attaining another higher level.

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