Tactical State Management

"An increasing emphasis is being placed on awareness and management of the potential negative effects of the “adrenaline dump” on police performance. For example, it has been said that the “holy grail” for firearms instructors is to teach management of the effects of adrenaline on shooting performance (1). That’s a good thing."

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Dr. Asken has been working on creating techniques that assist operators who function in high-stress environments deal with the mental aspects of adrenal dumps and high-speed high-stress operations. The concept of Tactical Arousal Control Techniques (TACT) is discussed, and that notion is take a step further into state management; a topic we harp on @ the WCC. Whether the individual needs to be ready for action or ready to relax, Dr Asken is proposing a method for the operator to take control of their internal stimulation dial for maximum effectiveness in any given situation.

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